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Almost Perfect. . . The Movie (not)

There is but one stage for the peasant and the actor.  ~Henry David Thoreau 

This summer we were lucky enough to have a film crew at our house in France for a week.  They were shooting a local classical music festival that ran for 6 evenings, but during the day I was able to secure some of their time to film trailers for my thriller novels. Being an author and not a script writer, nor an actor, I took on the task with the same approach I take to my novels – sheer panic!

Actually, we spent a few days talking about my books and what my readers most enjoy, deciding that the best approach would be to think like a fan and not like an author.  I think it worked out well, but I am sooooo glad I am a writer and not an actor.  Endless takes, flubbed lines, bad lighting, stopping for the occasional rain shower, a jet flying overhead.  Thousands of interruptions and miscues, not to mention the camera battery running out of juice. All in a days work!

Here is the Almost Perfect trailer, for your viewing pleasure . . .

Also, my thriller novels are about to be published in paperback (formerly they were only available as eBooks) and to celebrate we have redesigned the covers.  Here is the new Almost Perfect cover.


Notice the Languedoc cross, the symbol of the region in southern France where the story takes place (also London and Boston).  Look for it on Amazon in the next few weeks.  And spread the word.

Here’s what’s on the back cover:

A novel of 13th Century France, Cathar treasure, the Inquisition, the Vatican, and modern-day financial fraud and murder. What would you do if your marriage was falling apart, you were forced out of your job, you started having weird “dreams” about the Crusades and people being burned at the stake, one of your associates was just murdered, and now someone is trying to kill you? Matt Brennan’s life is a mess, and it’s only getting worse!

A young, arrogant investment banker gets caught up in an 800-year-old conspiracy by the Catholic Church, greedy private bankers in London and an international criminal organization. The story follows two inter-linked tales, one of the Crusades against the Cathars in the 1200’s in the south of France and the other a modern day conspiracy of fraud and murder.

Matt Brennan and his young wife Francine, who is distantly related to a female Cathar priest, purchase an old Cathar Chateau and become part of the history to a point where modern and historical events tend to merge and their lives are put in imminent danger.

This is a fast paced thriller which will take you on a historical journey to one of the most beautiful parts of France and one of the bloodiest Crusades, where over 1 million people were killed in battle or burned at the stake in the name of the Church, God and Greed!

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John Childress