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Is Jack Dead ?


The following comes from one of my readers who posted this on the site for my thriller novel: Business As Usual, which is now out in Paperback and eBook Kindle format, with a video trailer as well.

Here is the posting:

Is Jack Dead?  

Jack has to live on. Great read with several twists along the way. Personally enjoyed the adventure and story line. I recommend this book. I also wish that Jack Christian returns.

While an author never gives away his upcoming story lines, I believe it is my solemn duty to put this loyal reader out of his misery ;>)

Jack is not totally dead, just mostly dead (ever watch my favorite movie, The Princess Bride?  Then you will understand about Wesley being “mostly dead”).

And so, if he recovers, Jack Christian will be back, soon, in a new thriller titled “Reverse Terror”.  And the plot is going to chill you.  What if a group of super wealthy got together an elite army to take “terror to the terrorists’?  Basically, the world is sick and tired of terrorist attacks while the UN, the US and everyone else dithers in politics and double standards.  It’s time for the good guys to do what weak and corrupt governments won’t.  Fight terror with terror.

And Jack gets caught in the middle trying to pursue the vigilantes while having more than a little sympathy for them.  Does the end justify the means?  Should people take over when governments won’t?  And how do you keep “modern vigilantes” under control?  Should the western governments sit back and let them clean out the terrorists, or try to enforce the rule of law?  When is enough, enough?

If Jack lives through this one it will definitely be a miracle.

I will keep you posted as to how the book is coming along, so look for periodic instalments of my next political thriller, Reverse Terror!

In the meantime, Jack needs to heal! ;>) So watch the Business as Usual video trailer:

And then take a look at my other thrillers which are now out in paperback as well:Almost Perfect,  Bad Company,  Game Changer.

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