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Game Changer

Game Changer

A political thriller of terrorism, international arms dealers and the attempted assassination of the American president by a female terrorist.

Torn from today’s headlines, GAME CHANGER is a fast-moving thriller. A female suicide bomber at a Washington, DC press conference narrowly misses the President and plunges the nation into a bitter struggle: all out war or the road to a lasting peace

Message from John: “In 1968-69 I lived in Beirut, Lebanon and attended the American University of Beirut. It was paradise at first (the world knew Beirut as the “Paris of the Middle East”) but then in late December Israeli commandos blew up the Beirut International Airport in reprisals for Lebanon sheltering the Palestinian refugees, which the Israelis considered to be terrorists. Needless to say our cozy college world was turned up-side down and for the rest of the year there were armed guards, ugly demonstrations, and terrorist activity. I saw firs hand how hatred and irrational beliefs on both sides could ruin a once peaceful and powerful trading city. This novel is woven around my experiences in Beirut during that time.”

“I want you to read this book and think about the critical issues we all face, throughout the world, because of terrorism, prejudice, hatred, religious fanaticism and corrupt governments. I don’t have a solution to the problems of the Middle East and global terrorism, but if we all get more vocal we can hopefully halt this dangerous slide and make the world secure for all our children.”

Game Changer – Reviews

My first author fan letter: Game Changer was great!
J. Bell, England

I have never written fan mail before. I have just finished Game Changer and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it on a number of levels. Firstly because it is a good story, secondly it is interesting for its political and historical references, and thirdly because it is well written. The last reason is probably the most important to me as I lose interest very quickly if the composition and/or grammar is poor – I blame this on my education that pre-dates the ” spelling and grammar not important” style of teaching. I liked the references to flyfishing of course!

Many thanks for writing this book. I will certainly buy your other ones on Kindle. One advantage of the Kindle versions of course is that one can search very quickly for quick reminders of who said what in previous pages, much easier than flipping through a book, especially if there are lots of characters and time hopping, which I enjoy.

Game Changer: A relevant and thought-provoking adventure
A. Khoury, Boston, MA

In this time when thoughts of terrorism and homeland security loom large, Mr. Childress gives us a relevant fictional novel concerning America’s relationship with the Middle East. His interweaving of the narrator’s recollections of a year in Beirut with the present, holds the reader’s interest throughout the book. What sets this credible story apart is the author’s laudable ability to “think outside the box”. This is an exciting and thought-provoking read from start to finish, and I look forward to Mr. Childress’ next adventure.

Explosive and thought-provoking: Game Changer
M. Mack, Phoenix, AZ

This is a great read, full of action, a credible story, and does great justice to the delicate, yet explosive issue of Israel vs. Palestine. The way the author goes back and forth between the protagonist’s early years in Beirut to the present adds interest and a better understanding of both the characters and the roots of terrorism today. I had fun with this one, and look forward to many more from Mr. Childress.

Game Changer: A riveting read
Nathalie Degans, London, England

This book is an excellent political thriller and I could not put it down until I knew the outcome. The author does a truly remarkable job of explaining the background to the Middle-East terrorist threat that we have been living with for the past couple of decades without taking away anything from the enjoyment of reading an excellent thriller, packed with adventures, unexpected twists and suspense. The book is also sprinkled with humor – I loved the episode with the Washington cabby – and the “love interests” truly add to the intensity of the story rather than being mere must-have. Having also read and enjoyed “Almost Perfect” from the same author, I cannot wait for his next book!