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Don’t Go Bonefishing with Josh Steele . . .


Many of my friends are bonefish addicts!  They love to cruise the flats of the many Bahamian islands looking for the tails of feeding schools of bonefish, or if they are really lucky, that solitary monster that could mean an AFTA record.  We don’t get to go south very often, but when we do, it’s always a memorable experience.  The seductive rhythm of the tropics, the salt air, the tequila and salt, the pitchers of Margaritas, the soft night breezes, and of course, the search for the “ghost fish”, the elusive bonefish.

But if you ever get invited to go to the Bahamas bonefishing with Josh Steele, I strongly suggest you plead a long “Honey-Do” list and gracefully decline.  You could get killed!

Josh has a problem (actually, several problems) but one of them is pirates!  Specifically, women pirates. And they are as mean and ruthless as they are beautiful.  But Josh is a sucker for adventure (and pain), but you don’t have to be.  You can sit back, grab a beer or a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, put your feet up, and follow the adventures (and misadventures) of Josh Steele in my thriller novel, Bad Company.




Here is a little video teaser:

And Josh has a distant relative from the 18th Century, Captain Josiah Steele, who looses his hand, and almost his life, when pirates attack his merchant ship in the Caribbean and he is cast overboard.  But “revenge is sweet” (well, maybe bitter-sweet) and Captain Steele finally tracks down the female pirates, and their substantial hoard of gold, silver and emeralds, on Long Island and exacts his revenge.  As does Josh Steele, some 200 years later.

If you like the flyfishing life, but also like to read adventure stories,then Bad Company was written for you.  If you fish the Pacific Northwest rivers, then you will relate to Josh Steele, the high priest of the double haul.  So, have a read of Bad Company, then drop me an email with your comments. Also, I am keen for a Josh Steele sequel, so any ideas would be welcome.

And if you aren’t into flyfishing, but you are fascinated by Pirates, then Bad Company is for you as well.

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Tight Lines . . .

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