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John Childress’s Thriller Novels Now in Paperback

Perfect for Holiday Reading

 Historical and Political Thriller Novels by John Childress Now Out in Paperback

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After over a year in e-book format, all four of John Childress’s thriller novels are now available in paperback on Amazon and other on-line bookstores.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Game Changer: Terrorism at the White House

A political thriller of terrorism, international arms dealers and the attempted assassination of the American president by a female suicide bomber. Torn from today’s headlines, GAME CHANGER is a fast-moving thriller.  The attempted assassination at a Washington DC press conference narrowly misses the President and plunges the nation into a bitter struggle: all out war or the road to lasting peace . . .

Business As Usual: Drug Lords in bed with real Pharmaceutical Companies?

The poison of illegal drugs is filling our cities and schools and it seems that the war on drugs is hopelessly lost. The global drug trade is upwards of $400 billion and the human toll is staggering. What can be done?  What if a small biotech company developed an antidote to drug addiction that could cure the cravings and help kick the habit? Would the world embrace it?



Almost Perfect: The Crusades and the Cathar Treasure

A novel on 13th – century France, Cathar treasures, the Inquisition, the Vatican, and modern-day financial fraud and murder. What would you do if your marriage was falling apart, you were forced out of your job, you started having weird “dreams” about the Crusades and people being burned at the stake, one of your associates was just murdered, and now someone is trying to kill you?

Matt Brennan’s life is a mess, and it’s only getting worse!

A young, arrogant investment banker gets caught up in an 800-year-old conspiracy by the Catholic Church, greedy private bankers in London and an international criminal organization. The story follows two inter-linked tales, one of the Crusades against the Cathars in the 13th century in the south of France and the other a modern day conspiracy of fraud and murder.

Bad Company: Beware the Pirates!

If you like historical novels and if you love pirates, then Bad Company is for you! An epic adventure story, which switches effortlessly between the centuries, Bad Company tells the story of a modern-day businessman struggling to keep his company together against impossible odds, alongside a tale of 18th -century pirates buccaneering through the high seas. The two stories intertwine – in a way that will both chill and fascinate the reader. And all the pirates are women!



I know you will enjoy these thriller novels. If you have already read them in eBook format, now’s a perfect time to get the paperback version.

So, sit back, relax in front of the fireplace, grab a beer or a glass of wine, and get reading!

Don’t forget to tell your friends! These books make great gifts!

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All the best,

John R Childress