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Sentence first–verdict afterwards.
~ Lewis Carroll

One of the things I’ve always wanted to do is write novels – especially thrillers. I guess the urge to express my ideas in the written word came from my mother, an English teacher of great depth and quick wit. Another reason to write was that I have always had a stutter (less so now than as a youth) and I never could master the “Demosthenes” technique.

For over twenty years, John Childress was Chief Executive of an international management-consulting firm before retiring to become a novelist. Having written several business books and participated in hundreds of global business assignments, John brings an insider’s understanding of the modern business world to his thrillers.

In 2001 I had the opportunity to “semi-retire” and so I turned my mind to writing novels. As an American I never was much on history, after all America is not about the past, it’s about the future! Anyway, when I moved into an 11th-century chateau in the south of France I got the history bug and kept wondering why over the centuries we just keep repeating history rather than learning from it. As you can see I tackle the easy questions.

Educated at Harvard University and the American University of Beirut, he has traveled the world extensively. His writing style is full of intrigue and humor, with exotic locations and an engaging cast of characters. In addition, his works are thought provoking, often probing the darker side of large institutions, corporations and organized religion. A recurring theme in his work is the historical antecedents to modern-day criminal and terrorist activities.

My novels, whether they be historical thrillers, Almost Perfect and Bad Company, or political thrillers, Game Changer and Business As Usual, all have a “timeless” element to them. I believe that with a deeper insight into historical events, we can better understand the chaos and complexity of the modern world. My fictional novels are all based on real events and situations involving an average individual who gets caught up in a struggle against ruthless criminal organizations. I like to use flash-backs and time-travel techniques to bring historical events into a modern context.

Born into a large family in rural Oregon and raised in California, John Childress now splits his time between residences in London and the South of France with his wife and 14-year old daughter. Being raised in the Pacific Northwest he has kept his love of fly-fishing and wilderness conservation alive through various fishing trips around the world. Most of John’s novels are set in exotic locations such as the south of France, Beirut, the Bahamas, the Skagit River, Argentina, Russia, Hawaii.

The novels of John Childress are available as eBooks and paperbacks from Amazon and most major booksellers.

John Childress
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