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Almost Perfect

A vivid thriller!

Delia Horwitz

“Wow! Childress has done it again. The dual century web he weaves is filled with unexpected twists and turns that had me up half the night to see what happened next. His vivid descriptions of the characters and their emotional lives as well as the explicit non-stop surprising events created a visual feast that was like watching a movie as well as reading a book. He really has a way of making history come alive while highlighting important moral dilemmas.Delightful combination of good story and wonderful philosophy.”

Raunak Mahajan, India

“Almost Perfect is a beautiful journey between the past and the present. The constant struggle between a powerful religious institution and a simple yet profound religious belief serves as a great underlying theme on which the plot of the story is constructed. In the midst of conspiracy, greed and ambition, conversations between the Matt and Andre are a delight for philosophy lovers like myself. In short, it is a brilliant story, served with a garnish of great thinking.”

12 hours of great escapism

John Connor

“Almost Perfect has a very plausible story-line from start-to-finish and all of the characters have a vital role to play in their respective chapters. The characters locations and events superbly unfold before your eyes require the reader to constantly remind themselves that the whole story takes place over a relatively short period of time, and the switching between time eras is very well handled. Overall it’s a book that you won’t want to put down once you’ve read the first two or so chapters.”

Game Changer

Game Changer

Relevant, thought-provoking, and impossible to put down

Michael Fortune, Houston, TX

“Game Changer by John Childress is an incredibly relevant and thought-provoking novel that strikes close to home for all citizens of the world. The plot, characters, and message are well designed, developed, and expertly delivered by an author who possesses Tom Clancy-like ability to research his subject and present it from an insider’s point of view. The novel drew me in immediately with its believable story line and refused to let me go until I completed the incredible, but potentially possible, journey. Game Changer is one of the best novels I have read in many, many years. Mr. Childress appears to have found his literary “groove” and I eagerly look forward to his next adventure.”

Game Changer was great!

J. Bell, England

“I have just finished Game Changer and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it on a number of levels.  Firstly because it is a good story, secondly it is interesting for its political and historical references, and thirdly because it is well written. The last reason is probably the most important to me as I lose interest very quickly if the composition and/or grammar is poor – I blame this on my education that pre-dates the “spelling and grammar not important” style of teaching.  I liked the references to fly-fishing of course! Many thanks for writing this book.”

Game Changer, a relevant and thought-provoking adventure

A. Khoury, Boston, MA

“In this time when thoughts of terrorism and homeland security loom large, Mr. Childress gives us a relevant fictional novel concerning America’s relationship with the Middle East. His interweaving of the narrator’s recollections of a year in Beirut with the present, holds the reader’s interest throughout the book. What sets this credible story apart is the author’s laudable ability to “think outside the box”. This is an exciting and thought-provoking read from start to finish, and I look forward to Mr. Childress’ next adventure.”

Explosive and thought-provoking: Game Changer

M. Mack, Phoenix, AZ

“This is a great read, full of action, a credible story, and does great justice to the delicate, yet explosive issue of Israel vs. Palestine. The way the author goes back and forth between the protagonist’s early years in Beirut to the present adds interest and a better understanding of both the characters and the roots of terrorism today. I had fun with this one, and look forward to many more from Mr. Childress.”

Game Changer, a riveting read

Nathalie Degans, London, England

“This book is an excellent political thriller and I could not put it down until I knew the outcome. The author does a truly remarkable job of explaining the background to the Middle-East terrorist threat that we have been living with for the past couple of decades without taking away anything from the enjoyment of reading an excellent thriller, packed with adventures, unexpected twists and suspense. The book is also sprinkled with humor – I loved the episode with the Washington cabby – and the “love interests” truly add to the intensity of the story rather than being mere must-have. Having also read and enjoyed Almost Perfect from the same author, I cannot wait for his next book!”

Business As Usual

Interesting Plot!

Guernsey Donkey (West Yorkshire)

“Enjoyed this book a lot. A scientist discovers an anti drug medication to suppress addiction. Various drug and criminal cartels obviously want the formula as it threatens their trade. Numerous dead bodies keep appearing. The story takes various turns with a suprise ending. A good book.”

Classy Drugs Thriller


“There have been plenty of books about the drugs trade – the narcotics industry has been a staple source of plots for thriller writers for at least thirty years if not more. But John Childress has come up with a colourful yet plausible take on it by imagining a scenario where the legal drugs industry is in league with its illegal counterpart. It is skilfully put together and the pace barely flags.

This is very much an action novel, and the plot does not hang together at every point, but this is still a well-constructed thriller – fans of the genre shouldn’t be disappointed by this offering.”

Bad Company

A Tale of the Times


Piracy has become a popular subject for thriller writers in the last year or so, inspired by the constant stories of attacks on ships off Somalia. But John Childress has tackled the subject in an original way, contrasting a story about olden day pirates with a modern day tale about a small businessman in the US. The two stories are woven together very effectively, and the characters are well enough established early on for you to care what happens to them. There are times when he gets bogged down in some of the historical detail, and the plot slows down.

Financial Crime Fiction Set in the Bahamas

Margaret C

A novel which switches from fictionalised, historic accounts of the threat of piracy on Josiah Steele’s 19th century mercantile fleet, to the 21st century and the life of 28 year old Josh Steele. As an owner of a Bahamian fishery – Josh becomes the victim of modern-day piracy, as money laundering and drug trafficking invades the island. Childress touches on themes of alcoholism and suicide, familiar to fans of James Lee Burke’s crime writing.

Fast Paced


Bad Company is a fast paced action thriller that is really well written and at times has you on the edge of your seat.It mixes a tale of John Steel getting his life back on track with some swashbuckling pirate action that sounds as they go together like oil and water. However, John has managed to intertwine the two stories before bringing it all to a gripping conclusion.